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Tahor Owners

Tahor is your premium tenant. At zero cost.

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What makes us different

Continued long-term profitability

As an owner, forget about turnover and loss of profitability caused by periods of vacancy in your home.

Comparison of profitability with respect to conventional rental:

Example for an average rental of €1,000 monthly rent.


  • For conventional rentals, a rotation every 24 months is assumed (according to the market average).
  • It takes on average 1.5 months to find a new tenant.
  • The fees are borne by the property.
  • Average annual maintenance costs are estimated at €700.

Protected housing

Tahor protects your home against any risk of occupation, obsolescence of its elements and loss of real value in the future.

Housing preserved in good condition

We turn your home into our most precious asset. At Tahor, we seek to offer the best experience to our clients, and to do so we invest, preserve and renew your home.


Why rent your property with Tahor

Month to month recurring income

You will only worry about receiving the rent that we have agreed upon every month. Punctual, without surprises.

Forget about the maintenance of your home

Small repairs and maintenance of your home will no longer be a headache.

happy owner

Stress-free owner

Small repairs and maintenance of your home will no longer be a headache.


We care that your home is safe and protected.

Increase the value of your home

By entrusting the management of your home to Tahor, your property will be in better condition and will increase its value in the market.

Expert advice

The Tahor team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, who will always know what is best for your home.

Easy and fast process

How to rent your property

1. Contact us

Fill out the form that you will find on our website and we will immediately contact you to study your case

2. We visit your property

Together and in just one call, our team of experts will make an appointment with you to visit your property.

3. Receive an offer for your property

If a favorable assessment is made, we will send you a formal offer to begin managing your property in the long term.

Join our community of homeowners and start getting the best out of your home.

Tahor, professionals in managing your trust.


Frequently asked questions from our owners.

Nothing, there is no intermediary in the operation. We will be your direct tenant, so it will be exento de comisiones.

The minimum rental periods we carry out are 5 years, and may even be longer than 7 or 10 years. This generates a continuous profitability over time greater than that of any conventional rental.

No, as the owner you will charge the rent agreed with Tahor for the rental of your home with total independence from the management that we do of it. You will only worry about collecting your rent month by month.

We work with homes with a minimum of 3 bedrooms or more, normally located close to points of interest in the city.

We make home insurance that covers the civil liability of tenants as well as covering the contents and part of the container of the home.

At Tahor we have the best advice, a team of legal experts who are in charge daily of ensuring that the development of the activity is carried out in strict compliance with current legal regulations.

Start making your home profitable now!

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